World War 3 Illustrated

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About World War 3 Illustrated

Founded in 1980 by Seth Tobocman and Peter Kuper, World War 3 Illustrated 
is the longest running zine in history. A labor of love, the annual 
magazine has been run by a collective of artists working with the 
unified goal of creating a home for political comics, graphics and 
stories. The rotating editorial board has included over the years along 
with Seth and Peter, Sabrina Jones, Scott Cunningham, Kevin Pyle, 
Nicole Schulman, Eric Drooker, Susan Wilmart, Christopher Cardinale, 
Ryan Inzana, Paula Hewitt, and Chuck Sperry among many others. The 
magazine could never have survived without this collective effort and 
the contribution of so many other artists and writers who have donated 
their talents. In the hierarchy of the magazine editors and contributors 
receive the same pay:  a magazine they've helped build. Only the printers 
and distributors are paid, all profits go into producing the next issue.

WW3 isn't about a war that may happen, it is about the ongoing wars our 
so-called leaders have been waging all our lives around the world and 
on our very own doorsteps. WW3 also illuminates the war we wage on each 
other and sometimes the one taking place in our own brains.

If we had a manifesto (which we don't) it might say if you're going to 
talk about changing society, a magazine's not a bad place to start. 
WW3 has functioned as a microcosm of the the kind of society we'd like 
to see. Content is valued over style and ideas are not regarded for their 
popularity, but for their substance. Artists are given a forum to reach 
an audience with their work and the opportunity to interact and examine 
their concepts in a group setting. WW3 contributors range from 
first-timers to veteran activists and many artists whose first published 
pieces appeared in our pages were launched into their careers. Though 
numerous contributors have had their work appear in all areas of art 
from museums to major magazines they continue to return to WW3 to find 
one of the few uncensored venues for their art.

World War 3 has served as a document of our collective history -- 
including many aspects ignored by the mainstream press--from the 
shadow cast by Ronald Reagan to Iran Contra, the Tompkins Square Riot, 
The Gulf war, genocide in Bosnia, 9-11, Iraq's invasion through the 
ongoing corruption of George W. Bush's administration.
We've illustrated personel subjects from race to religious to sexual 
relations and drawn our dreams and nightmares both real and imagined.
We've been covering all these areas and more for 25 years and we're 
just getting warmed up.
Review of WW3 Illustrated vol. 36 in Comic Book Galaxy

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