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American Penny Allen is a writer, creator of photo-strips (WAR IS HELL), feature filmmaker (Property, Paydirt), 
translator (the classic The Living Unknown Soldier), and former environmental consultant.  She lives in Paris.  
She worked on environmental issues in the United States and Europe from 1987 until 2002, and organized the international 
conferences ECO 1997, ECO 1999, and ECO 2001. Earlier, Allen worked as a public welfare worker, a university instructor, 
a journalist, and a community organizer in local land-use planning.  In 2001, she published a non-fiction book, A Geography 
of Saints (Boston, Zoland Books), and a book on environment and social responsibility, Metaphors for Change (Sheffield, UK, 
Greenleaf Publishing). Her second non-fiction book Class Lady 4 is forthcoming.
red rule
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